Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2nd project song - 'Down Biota Street'

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Listen to the song (QuickTime 2.8 MB - better with broadband)

We all have special places and for a majority of the Inala Yarning Place singers one of those is Biota Street. It didn't takes us long at all to make a list of fond memories and start telling stories about Biota Street.

The stories reflected the nature of Biota Street then (it was the first shopping centre in the area) and now. It's still very multicultural and, despite the streetscaping, a humble suburban street with a shopping centre in the middle and the primary school down the end.

We've podcasted the song from the end of the second workshop here. I imagine it might change a little by the time we get to the concert and would welcome some assistance in singing it.

We would love to read your memories and stories of Biota Street. Feel free to post a respectful comment.


Listen to the song (QuickTime 2.8 MB - better with broadband)