Friday, February 29, 2008

Creating 'The Day before Valentine's'

Wednesday 13th February, 2008 was a truly historic day. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made the apology that many Australians black and white had been waiting for. It was the apology on behalf of the Australian Parliament to the Stolen Generations for the wrongs that had been done to them over many years under government policies and laws that sanctioned and encouraged the forced removal of children from their families and their cultures.

When we arrived at the Inala Elders Centre on Saturday morning, it was clear that it had been an important week. Not only did we talk and tell and listen to stories about what it had been like for members of the Stolen Generations but we created a song together that was inspired by the apology in Parliament House.

This is the magic of getting together in projects like Stories and Songs from the Inala Yarning Place. We can listen and talk, create and sing, reflect and learn together.

Many organisation had been working to accomplish this historic apology.

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